Rapid Fire Round – Music and Rhythm



This superb music flash games has won a bunch of internet awards, and for good reason. Although the website only offers a free demo of this game, if I had the extra few bucks, I’d probably pay to download the rest.

Use your intuition to direct the flow of light through the music activator bars to progress to the next level. This game is more about audio and visual experience than completing goals, so you can just chill out and enjoy the music whilst exercising those brain cells a little.

It gets a little more complex when different goals come into play, for example you can attract and repel the flow light to get it to the destination or you have to fill the container with certain coloured light.

Even if you just have a play about with the demo, I’m sure you will enjoy the experience and I recommend you try it.


Music in Motion


I spent way too much time on this game. Use your arrow keys to race through the levels to a catchy tune. The music generates the level, so dips and spikes will be represented in the game play by obstacles. Don’t let the screen catch up with you or it’s game over.

On the second level the obstacles fall down and squish you, in time to the music. Avoid getting squished to complete the level. Each level is generated in a unique way for you to figure out.

This game is a little tricky but it will leave you wanting to try over and over again until you get it.


Chaos Escape


Intructions. You are blue, don’t touch red. Use your mouse to move.

This game is FUCKING AWESOME. The  music is great, the artwork is cool. It’s also FUCKING HARD. Especially for a slow reacting stoner like me! You should go and see if you find it any easier using a mouse, something which I’m lacking.

Another 4/5

Rhythm World


If you’ve ever played OSU! then you’ll probably really enjoy this game. It combines Guitar hero, Dj Hero and DDR style game play and there are lots of songs to choose from, with categories from Video Game to BlueGrass, Goth and Old School Hip Hop. Some of the tracks are  bit iffy as the content is user created, but I had good fun trying to beat the scores of other players.

There are some bugs in this game, like tracks that do not work, that need ironing out but it’s a good way to pass a little bit of time.



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