Robot Unicorn Attack

Robot Unicorn Attack has had nearly 2,000,000 plays since Adult Swim put the game up a few days ago on their website. It has gone massively viral part in thanks to the support of one of the internet’s most notoriously hostile websites, where for one day differences were put aside and the constant bickering ceased to allow them to play this game and be in harmony.

WARNING: may result in unexpected tears of joy.

The typical user reaction to stumbling across Robot Unicorn Attack.

It’s a bit like The Helicopter Game in its simplicity, only it has Robot Unicorns, rainbows, pink dolphins and Erasure on the soundtrack.

Open your eyes, I see
Your eyes are open
Wear no disguise for me
Come into the open

I don’t know whether time will be kind to Robot Unicorn Attack, but for now it seems glorious. It’s the kind of game that will restore your faith in the internet if it ever wanes.

5 out of 5

Play Robot Unicorn Attack

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2 Responses to “Robot Unicorn Attack”

  1. Nikki I’ll always be with you, and I know you want me too! love Sam xxxx

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