Swedish Armed Forces – Team Test

A brief interlude before I conclude my 2 part “Colour my …” review.

This is a cool little promotional feature on the Swedish Armed Forces website (seriously), that tests your mental faculties with a series of puzzles at increasing speed. You can play with 3 other random anonymous people from elsewhere in the world, or if you have 3 friends in an IM conversation or chat room, then the site allows you to generate a unique private url to share so that you can connect and play with them.

You are allocated a colour and a corner of the screen automatically to complete your individual puzzles. The neat thing is that completing the puzzles quickly doesn’t add more time to you to continue, but instead to your comrades. This means that you are relying on each other to get through.

Once your time has ran out because you or your teammates are failing on too many puzzles or not completing them quickly enough you’ll be told whether you’re above average or not. The scoring system is not greatly developed, but the key thing is really how long you last. I found that most of my games were between 2½-3mins if I was playing with people who were awake, with my best effort topping out over 4mins.

This is a cool little time waster for half an hour or so, and probably even better to play with friends (I haven’t had the chance yet, bawwwww), and whilst it doesn’t quite seem fitting to rank it out of 5, I will do anyway.

It’s really well put together; pretty minimalist design, cool voiceover and really gets your brain working under a bit of pressure. It’s worth a bit of your time if you’re bored. Ultimately, although I bookmarked it and the puzzles and overall concept are nicely done, it’s unlikely that I’ll come back to it many times. YMMV.

3 out of 5

The Swedish Armed Forces need YOU!

Take the test here.


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