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How To Make Pumpkin Pan Cake

Posted in 0.5 stars, Games, Simple with tags , , , , on November 11, 2008 by sarcolepsy

It came time to review another game, and I didn’t know what I should look at next. A cunning plan came to mind. In order to find something you haven’t all already played I’d use Google to find something that’s not already popular. I usually never leave the first page of results as what I’m looking for is almost always within the top few hits. So this time I’d venture into the second page of results and pick the second result found there.

So I needed a noun to put alongside the quoted string “flash game”. I’m uncertain how I came to choose the noun ‘cake’ but that’s what I did. Page two, link two of ‘cake “flash game”‘ led me to the “How To Make Pumpkin Pan Cake” game.
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