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Dildo Heroine

Posted in 3 stars, Adult, Music with tags , , , , , on November 15, 2008 by Hol Lucia

Welcome to the second instalment of the H-Review. Another lonely┬áSaturday night? Don’t worry, this game will have the time just flying by.


Story Mode

The intro is very cute and funny (and quick to skip if you just want to get that dildo action going) so I’ll briefly talk you through the story if that’s the case. Meet Muny. She’s a singer, a hot singer at that. She’s just recorded her new album and takes it in to the directors office and places it on the desk….

“What is this shit?”

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Sexual Sensations

Posted in 3 stars, Adult with tags , , , , , , on October 31, 2008 by Hol Lucia

Welcome to the H-Review – What better way to spend a Friday night than playing porno games, right? There are tons of flash games out there you could be playing but are they just not ‘pushing your buttons, shall we say? Look no further! Whether you want to sweetly woo a school girl into letting you take her panties down in detention, or you want to invade a wide eyed cat-girl with your pulsating tentacles … I’m sure we can supply.

There are some really good hentai games around, a few eyeopeners, and some really funny shit. I hope you’ll find what you are after in here, and as always, we’ll give our honest opinion so that you don’t have to waste precious ‘alone’ time.

We decided to start off the H-review with a light hearted game thats easy to play and a bit of a laugh with a hint of xxx. Sexual Sensations is the first in the series and the original game, there are some funny spin offs I’ve played floating around the net too.

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