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Mission Statement

Posted in Site News on October 28, 2008 by Ortus

Welcome to FLASHISM.

Our mission is to bring you – dear reader – a blog to detail the best and worst of flash game finds from around the internet. Our team of Flashists will link you to games of all shapes and sizes, playing their way through through the shit so you don’t have to. Between us we have soooooo much time on our hands and a long history of gaming that we feel confident we can’t help but provide you with the map to the buried treasure of the best and the worst of the flash game hinterland. We’ll be bringing you regular updates with what we’ve uncovered, so subscribe to the blog or follow @FLASHISM on Twitter so you don’t miss our latest rants and raves.

Over recent weeks it’s become apparent that to restrict ourselves merely to games is folly. That would be to ignore the many other weird and wonderful and innovative things that people out there are doing with flash which my not strictly fall under a heading titled “games”. It’s such a wonderful versatile tool, so we’ll also link you to cool animations, curiosities and whatever else we find in the darkened alleyways and secluded car parks of the flash world.

Plus, fuck it, we may sort you out with other forms of free gaming too where we see fit.

We’re pleased you found us. Now bookmark us, subscribe, follow us on Twitter, or get down and dirty with our RSS feed. Pick your poison. If you find something you think worthy of our attention, or want to write a guest post, or think you have what it takes to join our team, hit us up on Twitter.

Enjoy your stay.