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Pandemic 2

Posted in 4 stars, Defense, Strategy with tags , , , on October 28, 2008 by kintoh

Pandemic Two
Aka: Rage inducing virus

When  I was asked to join Flashism I was understandably excited. Getting to write reviews of free to play video games online with friends for the purpose of informing the world on which ones are the best has got to be fun right? Right..? While the other writers rushed of to compare nudey H-games I was lumped with the strategic semi-RPG Pandemic two. The premise of the game is that the player develops a disease, chooses whether to play on a ‘Realistic’ or ‘Relaxed’ game mode and sets of to kill the population of the world. Being an experienced gamer in my twenties I immediately picked realistic in the belief that I can wipe out the world first time. From there you get three choices on the path you want your disease to take, each with it’s own list of  upgradeable symptoms. I choose a parasite because lets face it, things living on you is just horribly cringe worthy, I then proceed to name my little buggers “FlamingWang” and hit start.

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Corpse Craft

Posted in 2 stars, Puzzle, Strategy with tags , , , on October 28, 2008 by bigpoppacreamy

Greetings fellow Flashists. I’m Ben, and you don’t need to know an awful lot more than that other than I play a lot of video games. Especially free ones, because I am essentially a tight-fisted and terrible person. I’m also of the firm belief that I am better than you, so being able to tell you all what you should be doing with your free time appeals to me on a very basic level.

I thought long and hard about what game to introduce myself to you all with and eventually settled with a little number called Corpse Craft, primarily because it features dead hookers and goddamn do I love dead hookers. Can’t get enough of ’em.

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