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Swedish Armed Forces – Team Test

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A brief interlude before I conclude my 2 part “Colour my …” review.

This is a cool little promotional feature on the Swedish Armed Forces website (seriously), that tests your mental faculties with a series of puzzles at increasing speed. You can play with 3 other random anonymous people from elsewhere in the world, or if you have 3 friends in an IM conversation or chat room, then the site allows you to generate a unique private url to share so that you can connect and play with them.

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Rapid Fire Round – Bullet Hell

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Heil, fellow Flashists. It’s time for another Rapid Fire Round, and this time we’re exploring the weird little sub-genre of shoot-em-ups called denmaku, curtain fire, barrage or simply Bullet Hell. Bullet Hell was originally invented by the Japanese, who decided that videogames should not just be a form of entertainment, but some kind of brain-melting, eye-twitching Herculean goddamned quest. As the name suggests, there’s a lot of bullets on screen. Like, seriously, a lot. So much so that, compared to other shoot-em-ups, the main part of your concentration is not on shooting down enemies, but navigating a way through a ridiculous pattern of bullets. These games sometimes have complex scoring systems, based on combos or ‘grazing’ bullets (sometimes you need to be shot at a point directly at the middle of your ship, and ‘grazing’ a bullet with a wing or somesuch actually gives you more points) and are frequently unforgiving, killing you witha single hit. Unfortunately, this genre is not exactly well-represented in the Flash format, with many of these games being impossible-to-find Japanese PS2 imports that you have to remortgage your house and suck off the guy behind the game store counter in a back alley to get ahold of. However, I’ve tracked down a few that might draw your attention.

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Rapid Fire Round – Running, Jumping, Climbing trees

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Heil, fellow Flashists. Ben here again with a new, semi-regular feature, the Rapid Fire Round. A number of shorter reviews all based around a specific theme or genre, in this case the humble platformer. Let’s start, shall we?

Armed With Wings

Black-on-black violence has gone horribly unreported by the Liberal Media

Black-on-black violence has gone horribly unreported by the Liberal Media

First off we have Armed With Wings, a stylish monochrome platformer where you play a nameless samurai, armed with nothing more than his wits. And also a large sword and well-trained eagle. The eagle is the kicker here, you run through each level dispensing bad guys with your sword but can use your eagle to solve puzzles. flying it in front of an enemies face and then behind him can distract him while you sneak up for a sneak kill, or picking up small rocks and dropping them on buttons to render new areas accessible. It’s a good idea that’s carried off with a certain level of panache.
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Crimson Room

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Crimson Room is perhaps the most popular and best known of all the ‘Escape the Room’ games. Utilising first person perspective, it’s a point-and-click affair with the ultimate goal being, naturally enough, to escape the room through interaction with the objects you’ll find in there. It will be obvious how some of the items you discover are to be used, but others may leave you scratching your head a little. There are puzzles to be solved before you are getting out of this damn room.


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Sexual Sensations

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Welcome to the H-Review – What better way to spend a Friday night than playing porno games, right? There are tons of flash games out there you could be playing but are they just not ‘pushing your buttons, shall we say? Look no further! Whether you want to sweetly woo a school girl into letting you take her panties down in detention, or you want to invade a wide eyed cat-girl with your pulsating tentacles … I’m sure we can supply.

There are some really good hentai games around, a few eyeopeners, and some really funny shit. I hope you’ll find what you are after in here, and as always, we’ll give our honest opinion so that you don’t have to waste precious ‘alone’ time.

We decided to start off the H-review with a light hearted game thats easy to play and a bit of a laugh with a hint of xxx. Sexual Sensations is the first in the series and the original game, there are some funny spin offs I’ve played floating around the net too.

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