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Robot Unicorn Attack

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Robot Unicorn Attack has had nearly 2,000,000 plays since Adult Swim put the game up a few days ago on their website. It has gone massively viral part in thanks to the support of one of the internet’s most notoriously hostile websites, where for one day differences were put aside and the constant bickering ceased to allow them to play this game and be in harmony.

WARNING: may result in unexpected tears of joy.

The typical user reaction to stumbling across Robot Unicorn Attack.

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Rapid Fire Round – Music and Rhythm

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This superb music flash games has won a bunch of internet awards, and for good reason. Although the website only offers a free demo of this game, if I had the extra few bucks, I’d probably pay to download the rest.

Use your intuition to direct the flow of light through the music activator bars to progress to the next level. This game is more about audio and visual experience than completing goals, so you can just chill out and enjoy the music whilst exercising those brain cells a little.

It gets a little more complex when different goals come into play, for example you can attract and repel the flow light to get it to the destination or you have to fill the container with certain coloured light.

Even if you just have a play about with the demo, I’m sure you will enjoy the experience and I recommend you try it.


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Oh wow I’ve been lazy recently. But here it is, another review. Not a H-game this time as it’s a Monday afternoon and tentacles
don’t really appeal right now. Wat? Are you feeling OK? Yes, I’m fine, don’t worry there will be another one but todays theme is
Super Kawaii Neko Flash Madness. So be warned, things are about to get a little bit pinker, and a little bit retro. Intrigued?
I Google searched ‘kawaii flash games’ and found just what I was looking for..Super-cute web games
in bright colors, playing similarly to old-school video games from the 80s and 90s. Lots to choose from but we want neko games
(Thats Kitty games to any none Wapanese speakers).

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